Path of Exile previews the boss of Betrayal’s new Primordial Blocks map


Ready for a new map in Path of Exile? Because the upcoming Betrayal update features not one new map but four. At least one of them also features a new boss fight, and thus the Primordial Blocks map gets the focus as a test character takes on the boss of the region. You can even watch a preview clip of the battle just below.

Among the features the boss shows off are time-delayed bombs, summoned drops aiming for the player’s head, and creating an army of statues to hit the player until your character stops thinking conscious thoughts. Naturally, the plethora of available builds in the game makes any speculation about strategy difficult, since you could be coming at this challenge with all sorts of options, but it certainly looks like a fun ride for people eager to face off against a new boss in vicious combat. Check it out for yourself just below.

Source: Twitter
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