Check out these spectacular prize-winning player housing hideouts in Path of Exile

Something got cast.

Back in December, Grinding Gear Games launched a massive expansion for Path of Exile, Betrayal, and among its key features was an overhaul to hideouts. Hideouts are sort of like the game’s equivalent to housing. Prior to Betrayal, they lasted only the span of a League, though, meaning you had to rebuild them over and over. Betrayal made them persistent. And that means players got down to business building them out for keeps.

To promote the mechanic, GGG ran a competition, and now it’s picked the very best to show to the community (and shower with prizes). If you’re into isometric online games at all, you really need to take a peek to see what’s possible in this game world. I’ve built hundreds of houses across games in my day and even built some in-editor, but damn, this is some impressive work. The video of the top winners is below, but there are more pics on the forums too. Enjoy!

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