Path of Exile’s biggest expansion ever, Betrayal, is live this afternoon

Get ready to be betrayed, folks: Path of Exile’s Betrayal expansion is livesies today. The official site anticipates the servers coming up at 2 p.m. EST today after the patch-and-pray period that began this morning. That’s PC, of course: Xbox One players will wait until December 10th. PS4 players wait until next year. Sorry. Expect to be pulling down 4.5BG in patch power, or 13GB if you go the torrent route.¬†As we’ve previously covered, Betrayal marks POE’s fourth expansion and the biggest to date.

“Betrayal sees the introduction of four new Forsaken Masters and the mysterious retirement of the old cohort. In addition to the new master content, it introduces new skills and player archetypes that add even more variation to the ways you can play Path of Exile. We’ve also revamped the game’s Hideout system, overhauled Master Crafting, created a new Atlas of Worlds and introduced many new skills, items and maps. This release also includes the Betrayal league, where players will get to investigate and influence a shadowy organization called the Immortal Syndicate.”

All of our coverage of Betrayal so far:

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