H1Z1 patches in quick fixes for its mammoth Season 3 update on PlayStation 4

oh nooooo

Adding a whole lot of stuff to a game in a patch can also break things. It’s not intentional, but it’s inevitable. H1Z1 had an enormous amount of new stuff being added in Season 3 on the PlayStation 4, but that also meant many more opportunities for elements of the game to break, and some of them did. Fortunately for players, the development team worked overtime to address those breakages in an update on Friday, a sequence of hotfixes that required no downtime for their application.

Friday’s patch was meant to address memory leak issues, some client crashes, and performance issues due to a lack of optimization on FFA Deathmatch UI elements. Similarly, the patch addressed lobby population issues across the game’s now-expanded modes. Other major flagged issues are currently being examined and bugs are being tracked down for things like leaderboard resets and missing kill counts, so while the first hotfix may not have solved those problem, it’s at least clear that the problems are being addressed.


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