Warhammer Online lives on thanks to a free-to-play private server

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Our own Justin Olivetti jokingly referred to our site as “Massively Emulated” in private chat for what should now be patently obvious reasons, so I suppose this story is pretty much extending that gag: The star of Warhammer Online shines on with help from a private free-to-play server.

The Warhammer Online server, subtitled Return of Reckoning, reportedly has all of the original trappings of the classic MMORPG, with realm vs. realm conflict between the factions of Order an Destruction, 24 classes in total that can further be improved with three specializations for a total of 72 class subtypes, and an apparently welcoming and friendly community, all on a single server to allow for massive 500-player battles. There’s also PvE stuff to do for those who are gunshy about PvP, including dungeons, epic quests, and 24-player public quest raids.

If all of this sounds like a good time to you, then you can head over to this link for all of the details and downloads you’ll need — we usually don’t link to emulators here, but this game appears to be in that comfortable victimless crime area that Star Wars Galaxies emus inhabit. Beforehand, though, you should get acquainted with the game’s former legacy thanks to Justin’s rundown in The Game Archaeologist.

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