Isometric co-op OARPG-ish fun: Grim Dawn, Pagan Online, and Darksburg

Dim grawn.

If isometric online games that aren’t quite true MMOs are your thing, then this is a good week for you. We’ve got so many to cover right now we’re gonna round ’em up right here.

First up? Grim Dawn. Crate Entertainment is promising a major update for its optionally online ARPG in July, focused mostly on quality-of-life upgrades, including auto-looting, revised weapons, Arcanist mastery, mob health, visuals, map selection, and a new dungeon. If you know anything about Crate’s dev history, you know they loooove jacking up the difficulty of their games, so expect a revamp of difficulty balance too, and not the kind that makes the game easier.

Wargaming’s upcoming OARPG Pagan Online has completed another leg of its march toward launch with the first of its planned summer updates this week. This patch includes the new ability tree system, the revamp of the stat system, and tweaks to crafting to make it less essential, plus the new Act IV storyline. The downside? Progress for testers was wiped.

Finally, there’s the upcoming Darksburg, which as we’ve previously noted is a bit of a cross between Diablo and a co-op zombie survival title. But don’t think this one’s all PvE: PvP is going to be a big deal in the game too, as players can become zombies to wreck the players themselves, and yes, there’s a trailer to go with the announcement of this mode.

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