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Pagan Online rebrands as Pagan: Absent Gods after jettisoning multiplayer

If it escaped your attention last month, Pagan Online is, well, no longer online. Studio Mad Head said that the multiplayer servers were "not...

Pagan Online is sunsetting its multiplayer servers, but the singleplayer campaign will live on

The 2020 downsizing of MMOs and multiplayer titles into singleplayer ones continues today with the announcement that Pagan Online will shift to a solo-only...

Not So Massively: Gatewalkers has huge potential but isn’t there yet

After years of hilariously wrong recommendations, something seems to have clicked with Facebook's algorithms lately to make it finally start showing me relevant ads....

Not So Massively: My top 10 favorite ARPG classes

I love me some ARPGs, but in any RPG your enjoyment will depend so much on finding the right class. A game that felt...

Not So Massively: Pagan Online’s launch addresses its biggest beta problems

A few months back, I offered my impressions of Pagan Online's early access build. I found it to be a fun online ARPG hampered...
It's not working.

Gamescom 2019’s most interesting multiplayer announcements so far

Here's what we've got our eye on multiplayer-wise after the opening night of Gamescom this year - everything from Monster Hunter World Icebourne and Google Stadia missteps to multiplayer Kerbals and Swedish heavy metal rock bands.

The Stream Team: A first look at Pagan Online

Are you interested in a first look at the new OARPG Pagan Online before it leaves early access in a couple of weeks? Massively...
Yes, this is ready.

Betawatch: Legends of Aria prepares for launch on August 6

It's finally happening. Legends of Aria is arriving in an actual launch state on August 6th, complete with a big patch to make it...
Dim grawn.

Isometric co-op OARPG-ish fun: Grim Dawn, Pagan Online, and Darksburg

If isometric online games that aren't quite true MMOs are your thing, then this is a good week for you. We've got so many...

Hack and slash with a friend with Pagan Online’s two-player co-op

Most activities in MMOs are more fun with a friend, obviously, and the MMOARPG is most assuredly not an exception to that rule. With...

Not So Massively: First impressions from Pagan Online’s early access launch

Today, Wargaming's ARPG Pagan Online launches into early access on Steam. Just before this launch, the developers were kind enough to provide us with...

Pagan Online appears to be what happens when you cross Diablo with a MOBA

So, what will it be like to get into the real loot-grindy aspects of Pagan Online when the game is available for everyone? It's hard...
Serveers (artist interpretation)

Pagan Online’s weekend test cancelled due to server overload

The good news about the Pagan Online stress testing that was meant to occur over the past weekend is that it did exactly what...
Pagan-tastic, I guess.

Wargaming’s new OARPG Pagan Online launches next year

Grumpy over Diablo Immortal and Diablo III? Path of Exile not your cup of tea? Maybe give Pagan Online a peek for your clicking...

The MOP Up: Pagan Online slams ARPGs and MOBAs together

Tack this on your list of action-RPGs to watch. Mad Head Games announced that it is developing a blend of ARPG and MOBA with...