Sandbox MMO Project C solves bugs – and adds one on purpose – in its latest pre-alpha update


Still keeping an eye on Project C? That’s the SpatialOS-based open-world persistent sandbox MMO by Darewise, the same company that along with studio Nvizzio struggled to make the gorgeous space survival title ROKH a hitsuspending development on it just about a year ago. In July, we covered the surreptitious start of the new game’s pre-alpha, along with its roadmap for the rest of the summer. And that roadmap’s been rolling along!

“We have released 0.3, our second major update in pre-Alpha,” the studio announced this week. “In this update we’ll introduce you to our first in-game creature [the Ironwood Beetle]. This is just the beginning and over time, we anticipate a horde of wildlife to come. This is our first creature in the game but working on it this month helped us with wildlife direction, for example how it could behave, and how it interacts with the world and the players. […] The new creature isn’t the only update to Project C. We’ve expanded our feature sets for existing systems, in particular for outposts and the swamp area. […] And of course, we’ve fixed some of the bugs you’ve reported, which we’ve included here as well.”

You’ll have to dig around for it on the site because of the way it’s designed, but a “creative pillars” dev blog also went up this week.

Want more of a visual peek at what the team is up to? The studio’s 3-D environment artist recently discussed his work – and there are tons of pics!