Elite: Dangerous puts out a patch of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements

I feel a lot better about exploding here.

The latest Elite: Dangerous patch out today is all about fixing issues with the game. Some of those are bugs; for example, console players have been hit with a repeated error message when trying to access the mission list, but that has hopefully been fixed now. Others are just quality-of-life improvements, like new ships inheriting the COVAS from your previous ship rather than forcing you to make all of the adjustments manually each time. And some things are crashes that could occur during the starting experience, which definitely needed to be fixed.

Some of the problems being fixed are ones that were never meant to be in the game at all (you were never supposed to be able to preview engine color in the game’s livery preview), and some are just usability things (changing the “Back” button to “Exit” in certain contexts). But it’s all about patches and improvements, fixes and updates. Small, but significant just the same. Whether that will mollify player unrest remains to be seen.