EverQuest II kicks off Gear Up, Level Up to get people ready for its next expansion


So you aren’t really prepared for the next EverQuest II expansion because you haven’t done all your leveling and your gear is outdated. Shh, it’s okay. EQII still loves you. It understands that you had things to do and you just couldn’t find the time. That’s all right. Want to catch up now with the game’s Gear Up, Level Up meta-event? See, the whole thing is that it makes it easy for you to reach the level of equipment and experience needed for the next expansion, starting with all players earning triple Ethereal Coins between October 18th and October 29th.

It gets bigger, though; All Access members get double currency, which applies to this as a multiplier and will result in sextuple Ethereal Coins. Players will also get doubled loot drops from Chaos Descending final dungeon bosses, starting today and running through the whole of the event. There are also some special limited-time items that can drop to help you speed up research. So get in there and start working overtime to catch up, or if you already are caught up, start catching up your alts. EQII loves you either way. (And if you were worried about events not happening in wake of recent layoffs, well, you’ll probably love seeing this even more.)

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Am I blind or is there nothing about an experience boost in the announcement? Currency and gear only? I’m sitting at 94 and could really use some extra exp.