Final Fantasy XIV elaborates on the additions to housing for patch 5.1

Big hall.

Updates to housing for Final Fantasy XIV are coming in patch 5.1 beyond the addition of new wards. Sure, the addition of three new wards to each housing district is an update, and a significant one, but there are more extensive changes that are detailed in a new developer dispatch talking about them. For example, the new exterior design that looks even more mercantile is a nice change, but even nicer is the inclusion of new stalls for the front yard to make the whole thing feel like a marketplace.

There are also new mannequins available for both genders as hyur or elezen models, as well as paintings to commemorate the time spent on the First (which will, apparently, be locked behind completing the sightseeing logs within the First). You’ll also be able to eat meals while sitting within a home, giving a whole new purpose to houses set up as bars or restaurants. Check out the full dispatch for more teases of the housing improvements arriving on Tuesday.


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