BlizzCon 2019: Jeff Kaplan hopes Overwatch 2 will change how game sequels work

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If you’re thinking of Overwatch 2 as basically DLC with new PvE modes and some tweaked character models, that’s understandable; while the sequel has no release date or pricing announced yet, it’s a known fact that the game’s PvP options will be shared between the sequel and the original, as will all skins and heroes. So why is this being marketed as a sequel instead of just a patch? According to Kaplan, he’s hoping to actually change the way that the industry sees sequels and splitting the playerbase.

Kaplan sees the content that is exclusive to Overwatch 2 as being absolutely sequel-worthy in and of itself, and players with no interest in the sequel’s offerings won’t be locked out of the game’s competitive modes. Similarly, players who have already invested heavily in the game’s existing modes shouldn’t feel left behind. It’s a way of expanding the scope without abandoning players who have already been brought into the fold, in other words.

Meanwhile, Kaplan also addressed plans to improve matchmaking times for role queues, especially when dealing with players who are queued as DPS during low-population times in certain regions. It’s an ongoing element that is being addressed, but for the moment his advice mostly comes down to getting out of your comfort zone and queue as something else.

Source: VG24/7 (1, 2)
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