The Daily Grind: What are your favorite MMO features?


I love me a good feature in an MMO. If it’s well-done, useful, engaging, and implemented the right way, a feature can greatly enhance the game in which it resides.

Today we are throwing the discussion door wide open to talk about our favorite features in specific MMORPGs. Housing? I will never stop in my praise of WildStar’s housing. I had a weird fondness for Star Trek Online’s duty officer system (hey, free XP for sending crew to their deaths). RIFT’s zone puzzles were always terrific. The over-the-top travel powers in City of Heroes were a hoot and a half. And LOTRO’s skirmishes have always been a pretty good time.

What are your favorite MMO features? Feel free to make a list!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Skill-based leveling and economic systems like those on EVE (Or in case of skills leveling, UO could also be a good reference).
Crafting and gathering too, although on those I can’t point to a MMO with the best of each.


LFG is kind of a must for those of us who are not as social as other players. I totally understand the argument against it, but it’s not like multiplayer games have to be all socialization all the time. I’m comfortable cracking jokes and chatting once we’re inside the dungeon, but interactions through whispers and stuff like that tends to be super awkward.

Other than that… I’m more of an advocate for minimalism. Give us dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, an arena and the standard QoL features. I’ll be happy with that. I’m not super concerned by crafting, housing, collectibles, etc., although obviously I’m not against devs implementing those.


Crafting, housing, and animal husbandry/farming.

Oleg Chebeneev

My answer will be unpopular. Battlegrounds. Played WoW for years just for BGs PvP.

Also I like completionist atlases that show what you’re missing to do in every zone. Like the ones in GW2, TESO and Lost Ark. They give players a feeling of progression

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Dean Greenhoe

Actions need to have consequences. The realm wide rewards / consequences for the capture / loss of relics in DAOC was a good example. When we all worked together for the greater good, the game had more meaning and purpose.

Housing like EQ2 where there was almost limitless decorating potential.

Gliding. This does not break immersion or make the world seem small like flying mounts can. It is just pure fun.

Farming. Animal raising. Building construction / destruction. Jumping puzzles etc.

Systems need to be non repetitive to maintain their luster. Farming as an example is fun to plow, plant, water, grow and harvest for a few cycles but as your character advances the cycle needs to eventually shorten to the point where it you only plant and harvest and the rest is automagically done by the system or npc’s.

For just a few…


-Any cosmetic feature (transmog, glamour, wardrobe, etc)
-Housing (Have a House and decorate it)
-Ships, Sailing and professions that have to do with the sea (reason I play Black Desert)
-Don’t know if this is considered feature, but I love cut-scenes in my MMOs, specifically Swtor and FFXIV.


Character creation.
Power customization.


A deep character creator, so I can make mine look truly unique.

Cosmetics that are unlocked by playing the game, not in a cash shop, so it really feels like I earned them.

The ability to play through the whole story without teaming up with other players, so they’re basically lively NPCs unless I decide to interact with them.

The ability to hide or turn off chat.

Dual wielding.

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1. Character Creation
2. Soloability
3. Story
4. Progression systems
5. Crafting


Pigtail options!