EverQuest’s Torment of Velious and EverQuest II’s Blood of Luclin expansions are live


Happy Expansion Week for the EverQuest franchise! EverQuest Next is releasing its second expa… what? What dimension am I in right now? One where that game never came out? Oh… what horror. OK. Let’s see what else is on the table.

Well, there’s EverQuest: Torment of Velious, the 26th expansion for the fantasy MMORPG which is live right now. Players will adventure in an icy region as they level up to 115, explore six zones, and enjoy all sorts of new raids, spells, AAs, collections, and quests.

Also out earlier this week is EverQuest II: Blood of Luclin, which brings an invasion of snake-people to Norrath. The pack raises the level cap to 120, adds an agent Overseer system, and bundles together new quests, tradeskills, achievements, and collections. MJ dived into the 16th expansion for EQII on its launch night to much death and dismay, which is always well worth watching.


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Is the game still worth it? Does it have an ingame store that offers ‘convenience’ and lootboxes?

Adam Russell

There is an in game store but I generally just use my free 500 a month coins for xp potions around expac time, and aug removers at other times. Havent spent real money in years.