Blackwing Lair’s first kill in WoW Classic happened less than an hour after the raid went live

Doom approaches.

Technically, there was another race for a world first clear last week in World of Warcraft, specifically in WoW Classic with the opening of Blackwing Lair. Unfortunately for the onlookers, this one was over almost as fast as it began. Two guilds from the game’s European cluster, Calamity and Progress, both downed Nefarian at 42 minutes out from launch, a clustering so close that Blizzard itself declared that it was functionally impossible to determine a winner beyond “both of those guilds.”

Of course, the reason for the short race should be fairly obvious with a moment’s thought, as the guilds were already fully geared and the mechanics were all well-known due to the fact that Blackwing Lair was already mapped out ages ago; that’s kind of the nature of the classic game, after all. Still, congratulations are in order to both Progress and Calamity for downing the big black dragon again for the first time.

Source: Wowhead
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