New World may consider bringing back gankbox elements, talks up its uniqueness


Amazon Game Studios did an interview with IGN this week about New World that’s part puzzler, part eyebrow-raiser, part declaration of war.

First, remember how a week or two ago, AGS devs were telling folks on the alpha forums that there was no chance the game was reverting to a free-for-all full-loot PvP MMORPG and could you please stop asking and instead focus on feedback for what the game actually is now? Yeah, so that doesn’t seem to be entirely the case. Game Director Scot Lane apparently told IGN there’s a chance of some sort of revert, partial or otherwise:

“We will always consider bringing things back. We are set on launching our alphas and betas this way and seeing what happens.”

Of course, that comes with caveats; the studio is very definitely set on creating an MMORPG where both PvE and PvP players can “co-exist” without “exclud[ing] people from content.” So that may not be enough to stop the riots over PvP.

Lane further tries to distinguish New World by saying its specific combination of art style, combat, and wars/invasion content make it unique in the genre. “I think those three features put us in this other bracket of MMO that really hasn’t been done yet,” he says. Now them’s fightin’ words. You can check the whole thing out on IGN.

Source: IGN
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