League of Legends card game Runeterra is having a productive beta


The League of Legends game universe is rapidly expanding, and at the forefront of this new generation is Runeterra. The Hearthstone-like digital card game has been winding its way through the beta process, with an OBT running for a month now.

With a lot of data and feedback under its belt, Riot came back to its playerbase with a “deep dive” into what it has discovered about the game’s performance. While it is pleased with the performance of its champions and how much interactive strategy is being seen, Riot says that it needs to work on improving clarity, the deck builder, the timer mechanic, and game speed. Runeterra is aiming to have “no bad cards” in its pool, even as it adds new cards every month.

“Our goal is to bring deep, interactive strategy to the genre through a combination of back-and-forth gameplay, indirect attacking, ‘skillshot’ spells that provide reaction windows, and exciting champions that level up through smart play. All this, optimized for PC and mobile,” Riot summarized.

Source: Runeterra

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