Warframe showcases Titania Prime, modular Archwings, and Operation: Scarlet Spear gameplay


Another devstream from the folks at Warframe is in the books, and it’s offering a variety of reveals as per usual. This latest broadcast granted a look at the Prime version of the Titania Frame, another round of adjustments due soon, and a look at modular Archwings.

The stream provided a quick look at Titania Prime, who is also bringing along with her Corinth Prime, the Pangolin Sword Prime, and her own unique special effects when she’s in Razorwing. The Corinth Prime is also bringing something new with its alt-fire, letting players detonate their buckshot.

Discussion then moved on to the basic gameplay loop of the upcoming Operation: Scarlet Spear, which effectively breaks down to two mission options: a Murex Raid in the Railjack, or Ground Assault on Earth. These are endless missions featuring a new Sentient threat, offering greater rewards the longer players stay in the mission. As for when this content will arrive, Digital Extremes is eyeballing some time later this week.

There’s another retooling of things due to Warframe soon, such as each impact proc increasing the chance to open up enemies for a parazon finisher, increases to Gas Status AoE effect stacks to a maximum of 10, and a couple of adjustments to the way Kuva Liches take status procs, which is the first step in adjustments to how statuses affect bosses and VIPs.

Finally, there are modular Archwings on the way and the devstream provided a peek at how some of them will look. Anyone who has any sort of Archwing will be able to build them how they want once this update goes live, though details on when that will be weren’t announced.

Those are, effectively, the bullet points for the dev stream, but there are more salient details for players to pore over.

sources: official site, Twitter, thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip


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