Here’s a full guide to experiencing The Elder Scrolls Online’s story in order

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The bright side of how The Elder Scrolls Online implemented One Tamriel, worldwide level scaling, and an ongoing open structure for stories and quests is that you can go anywhere right from the start of the game. You can experience any plot you want and totally skip over the rest of the game if you’d prefer to do so. The down side, however, is… exactly that, since it also destroys any sense of narrative cohesion because, as mentioned, you can go experience anything in any order. So if you want to make sure that you’re experiencing the stories in the right order, you can check out this guide on Reddit.

User Dunlap7 has created a breakdown of where the various plotlines fit together based on release date, so you can know which storylines to take on when and how you’re “meant” to experience them originally. It’s not mandatory, of course, but if you’re a stickler for doing these things in order and really want to make sure you’re getting the true-to-release pace of the content? Check out the full rundown.

Source: Reddit
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