EverQuest II adds Echoes of Faydwer mid-content to the progression server and adjusts the Diaku Corral


A new update is going live in EverQuest II with something for those who are playing the regular game and the Kaladim time-limited expansion server.

On the progression server side, players can now take on some mid-content for Echoes of Faydwer, including Shard of Fear, the Estate of Unrest, and Hunter’s quests. Additionally, the Avatar of Valor should no longer use his Infuriation of Valor curse.

The majority of the update is aimed at the base game, with a number of updates to items, quests, and services. A number of zones are getting adjusted in this patch as well, especially the recently released Diaku Corral, which has made several fixes to the solo and heroic variants. There are also adjustments to several raids and challenge raids such as Showdown at High Noon, the Fading Arches, and the raids for Prophecy of Power and Blood of Luclin.

All of the specifics are detailed in the notes. And make sure you tune in to OPTV tonight for some EQII streaming from MJ tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT.


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