Star Citizen talks about new shaders, what’s next for prison, and the free fly event on May 22


Last week, Star Citizen made a lot of noise about light in its Inside Star Citizen video series. This week, it’s all about shaders, which aren’t exactly related to light, but since they sort of react to light there’s a parallel there. Sort of.

On point, the team at CIG has been working on a suite of custom shaders to suit the devs’ needs, including clear coat, a wear and tear shader that features chipping paint, and irredescent paint schemes, along with three different tint layers that can be customized by either the art team or by players. On the subject of player ship customization, expect a post that details plans at some point next week. As for the shaders themselves, these will be applied on different ships with every patch.

The video then talked about future plans for the recently released prison with lead designer Luke Pressley. Pressley admitted that there have been some pain points with mining and infinite transition screens, but also notes that overall feedback has been positive. To that point, patch 3.9.1 will focus primarily on bug fixes and improvements, including blocking paths that made three minute-long jailbreaks possible and changing what crimes earn players a prison sentence, removing the crimestat earned when not stopping for a police scan as an example. In 3.10, players can look forward to new ways to earn and spend Merits, while future updates beyond that will include missions that can bring players into the prison like an undercover mission, expanded prison areas, and even more ways to earn Merits.

Finally, Star Citizen is ready to drum up some hype with the confirmation of Invictus Launch Week’s dates. The free fly event will run between Friday, May 22nd, and Monday, June 1st, with promise of lots of free ships to fly and even holographic versions of in-development ships that players can look at. The event will be held at the Bevic Convention Center at ArcCorp.

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