ArcheAge opens Garden of the Gods PTS as XLGAMES’ Jake Song addresses SEA players

With ArcheAge’s controversial Garden of the Gods update creeping up on us next week, Gamigo has now opened up the game’s public test server so that players can take a peek at what they might be buying come launch day.

“The Public Test Server is open once more and ready for you to come test out the latest patch. Experience the Garden of the Gods first hand with your family, friends, and guildies! […] Head to the Eastern Hiram Mountain and (carefully) traverse the stairs down towards to the Navel of the World to get to the Garden Gate! Fight Powerful Bosses: Anthalon will spawn on Saturday and Sunday at the Delphinad Mirage. Upgrade your Gear: Upgrade your existing boss gear, Hiram gear, and Erenor gear or try to get your hands on the newest gear: The Dread Necromancer Gear, dropped by Anthalon himself. All while testing out the server and content out during this major testing period! We could use your help in help identifying bugs, localization issues, and more.”

Patch notes are up on the official forums too.

In other ArcheAge news, XLGAMES is full steam ahead on its Southeast Asia launch, promising would-be players that “XLGAMES will listen and swiftly respond to feedback from SEA gamers.” Given how well it’s listened and swiftly responded to western gamers’ feedback, well, we don’t think SEA folks should hold their breaths.

Source: Official site, press release

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