World of Warcraft previews the undead might of Maldraxxus

Corpse party.

Maldraxxus is one of the new areas in World of Warcraft, and it’s a portion of the realm of the dead with a very simple philosophy: Get stronger. The armies of the Necrolords within fight an endless war with the souls of the ambitious and driven smashing their opponents, being used as machinery, and brought back to serve as undying soldiers even longer. Of course, just like every other part of the Shadowlands, the zone is in the midst of chaos when players arrive, and it’s your job to figure out what happened.

Once you get there, the explanation of what becomes pretty clear, as two of the five ruling houses have been destroyed and the remaining three are fighting relentlessly to occupy the seat of Primus within the region. Expect a whole lot of necromantic fun even within this realm of the dead as you sort through the politics of the militant afterlife, and if you decide that is ultimately your jam, there are the usual covenant benefits available at max level.

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