Crowfall recaps Awakening alpha update, teases closed beta timeline


On the heels of its Awakening update, Crowfall is talking more and more about the MMO’s impending beta.

“Many of you are asking about our timeline for Closed Beta,” ArtCraft writes. “Closed Beta is the point at which the team is able to leverage a larger and more diverse population to further refine the core gameplay experience. Through broader testing, we can expand our understanding of the balance between our foundational systems. We can also gain a better understanding of how the moment-to-moment gameplay experience performs under pressure from higher populations. You will know when we open Closed Beta as we will begin reaching out to our registered players, via email, to invite those in our early cohorts to join us in testing!”

Awakening itself, which launched for alpha testers last week, rolled out the newbie experience and expanded the Dregs campaign with GvG territorial ownership, city building, and PvP rewards. “In addition, we’ve already released Dregs Campaigns on the LIVE server to extend the testing to a larger player population and are running 7-day Dregs campaigns now to strengthen our ability to continue to enhance this intensely competitive gameplay experience,” the team notes.

Source: Kickstarter

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Ben Stone

The latest update was huge. It looks and plays really well now. It is still definitely in development, but its getting pretty close. There are some things I think they didn’t get right, but in general it is fun to play, and the rest they can learn and adapt as the game matures.


I tried hopping back in yesterday, and while there are certainly more people online than I’ve ever seen in my previous visits, I’m not filled with confidence.

I really don’t understand the reasoning behind putting a PvE grind in front of participating in the PvP. A basic tutorial, yes, that makes total sense to me. Explain how the game works, make sure I understand the skills, and then let me loose to participate in the meat and potatoes experience that’s the whole selling point of the game.

It even has the disclaimer that it should take 2 hours to reach level 30. That wasn’t true in my experience, maybe it is if you already know the meta strat for progression. Maybe it’s a bad sign if you’re saying “see it isn’t so bad, you’ll get to the good part soon, promise.” Why have the active leveling process in the first place if you’re meant to blow through it?

Also not sure on splitting the playerbase between the GvG and RvR campaigns.

Dro Gul

“Many of you are asking about our timeline for Closed Beta” so I will not answer that but instead will explain our definition of terms…

On a more serious note though, I believe it will happen fairly soon.


When that game releases, Old School RuneScape will have better graphics than it. I was hyped about this game around 2016-2017, but since then my hype has all but disappeared and I don’t really care about it anymore. Also I’m not even sure if it will be that entertaining, seems like it tries to go the lazy route of Sandbox games where there is almost no content and if your imagination doesn’t fill the massive gaps for you, the fanboys call you stupid and that you should go back to your theme park crap like WoW as you are not welcome here anymore.. xD

Kickstarter Donor

Crowfall has always been the second coming of Shadowbane and has surpassed it in terms of content. Companies don’t have to keep making the same game as people like different things, and the majority of the playerbase has always wanted to focus on survival and PVP. Just because it’s an MMO game doesn’t mean it has to fit your personal definition, it’s great to see diversity.