Procedural-gen MMO ReWorld Online teases coming PvP testing


We haven’t touched on MMORPG ReWorld since last year, but a note on Reddit from the dev about the MMO’s testing plans brought the game back into our newsroom. It was originally pitched as “Ultima Online meets Gary’s Mod,” a procedural-gen world-building game that a year ago split into two games: ReWorld Online (the full-blown MMORPG) and ReWorld Adventure, an online eight-player multiplayer title.

The Canadian team now says that while the development of the game is “still very early,” it’ll be making its way into a testable state soon; the rep likens it to what Legends of Aria (Shards Online) was originally supposed to be, notes both custom and official servers will be available for the full MMORPG experience, and says that both modding and PvP are among the team’s chief goals.

“If you buy today there is not much to play but in +- 3 weeks this will change and we plan to have a PvP version available online at all time,” he writes. “For the team, we are mostly based in Canada, Quebec (where there is a lot of studio and grants here). For instance we are among the five finalists for a huge contest lead by Ubisoft and the first prize is 120 000$ in cash and services (which include a lot of very useful tools). We are currently 6 but plan to grow after the release of the first playable version and we are supported by a lot of people[.]”

The game’s Twitter account is loaded with screenshots if you want a closer look at the world.

Source: Official site via Reddit
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