Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update sweetens the subscription deal

With the wedding of Arwen and Aragorn and the massive festival quest going on in Lord of the Rings Online right now, it’d be easy to overlook what else Standing Stone Games is up to in the small 27.1 patch that rolls out today. But we’ve got our eye on this one because it actually includes one of the improvements to the subscription perks that SSG promised earlier this year.

“VIPs can speak to Wenda Cranesbill in Bree or in any of the housing neighborhoods near their Task boards to accept a daily quest that awards:
A 48 hour Town Services item – This item opens a UI from which a player can choose Sell, Repair, Vault, Shared Storage, Wardrobe, and Auction House by default. The item provides a Forge and Relic Master services if the character is at least level 45 and in possession of the Seeker of Deep Places trait.
Subscriber’s Jug that grants accelerated Crafting times and item wear prevention buffs for 48 hours.”

There are a few other tweaks and bug fixes for the festival in this wee update as well, including the addition of a music box to the Midsummer rewards barter vendor, a repair for the fireworks pony, and sorting tweaks for the carry-all bags for craft goodies.


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What this game needs in order to become playabe is EU servers situated somewhere in the continent of Europe, preferably Frankfurt or Amsterdam and a modernized game client, not in terms of visuals, but being more optimized for modern hardware. Kinda sucks having 300 FPS maxed out, then the game hiccups and you have 0 FPS for like 1-2 seconds. Then you set the game to lowest, you still have 300 FPS and the game still hiccups and you still get 0 FPS for 1-2 seconds.

And the unplayable lag by playing from Europe on North American servers is outright unbearable. It’s only working remotely OK right after a maintenance and you log in immediately and then it’s OK for like 20-40 minutes until all the people log back in and then it goes bad again.

For these two reasons I gave up on playing the game. It’s literally unplayable, which is a massive shame.

Roger Melly

I’ve never had huge problems with lag myself apart from when I am in Bree .


For me it was OK for like 30-50 minutes, after that every action becomes very delayed, I even experience rubberbanding and my internet speed is pretty good, not the best, but it does what I need it to do and it has never failed me:


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I’ve never had problems with any other MMO other than LOTRO, even if I want to play some obscure MMO that only has SEA servers or whatever, it’s still more responsive than LOTRO. With LOTRO I have to reset the client every 60 minutes in order to be able to play.


In my experience its not unplayable, far from it, but certainly the lag is annoying, and in some places is hindering play so that the feeling goes beyond annoying.

But the train on European servers left the station when Codemasters gave up on it after spending a wooden half-penny on marketing.

Matthew Yetter

The Town Services item is a wonderful QoL addition.

The Subscriber’s Jug borders on becoming a pay-to-win sort of item. By accelerating crafting experience it becomes super easy for subscribers to get mastery, which in turn makes it vastly easier for them to create best in tier gear for personal use or profit. It’s far from a game breaker, and is mitigated by the fact that there are already acceleration scrolls available in the cash shop. But it definitely is skirting the line of being pay-to-win. :)

Jeremy Barnes

They literally sell stat ups…I think lotro’s cash shop sailed that ship a long time ago (not that I’m as up in arms about “p2w” as others seem to be as long as it isn’t egregious or pvp)


It’s not boosted crafting XP as I read it, it’s faster craft times. So crafting in bulk takes less time.

That said, don’t they outright sell maxxed-out professions in the store?


The legendary item system has problems. Some are big issues, some are annoyances. Until we see whether any of those are eventually fixed, the relic and forge master item is going to be a great QoL addition for VIP.