Star Citizen fans put together a horror-themed machinima using in-game footage


Despite Star Citizen being in an alpha state, there’s still enough in-game content for people to try to make machinima. That’s just what one group of players did, cobbling together some recorded footage from within the game to release Parasite: Battle for ArcCorp.

The machinima comes from a collaborative effort of several players and tells the story of a… well, a parasite that affects the crew of a Reclaimer and their efforts to contain it before arriving to ArcCorp (spoiler: It doesn’t appear to go so well). The video features some pretty good cinematography as well as a whole lot of audio spliced from the various Alien films, so perhaps bear that in mind as you watch the embed below. And if you happen to enjoy it, know that a second episode is already in production according to the head of the project.


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Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

This one is good.. but honestly there are 2 better. Hardspace by Sonic Temples
and Misfire by Goodgames

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Schlag Sweetleaf



The star citizen community currently is in an interesting state. Thats exactly what im looking for in star citizen, in a universe of people that can endure the hardships of crashes and bugs. Im afraid the further sc comes to launch the more casual the game and community will get.
For example it was a real pain for me to find out how to lift off from hangar and especially finding the hangar to land in, but later i kind of appreciated it after i learned how to do it, as it creates an opportunity for experienced players to teach the newcomers and thus creating social interaction. With new updates this changes to a tunnel of lights guiding you to your spot, impossible to miss.

For now im enjoying the community and its feel. Very nice atmosphere in the beginning of the video, i like it.

Roger Melly

What is this “launch” thing that you speak of ? :