Trove celebrates its fifth birthday with Delves on console and Sunfest for all


I can hardly believe that Trove – the toy that was created in a Trion office by devs on their breaks and eventually turned into a real MMORPG – is turning five years old this week, and Gamigo didn’t let the anniversary go without some kick.

For starters, console players on Xbox One and PS4 finally got the Delves update that went live on PC back in May; that’s the expansion that pulls players back into Geode for one-to-eight-person scaling raids, content essentially meant to replace the borky old Shadow Tower. It also buffs the heck out of the Tombraiser (which needed it!).

Not on console? No problem: All players can hop into Sunfest.

“Come celebrate and throw a big bash together in Trove’s Sunfest summer event. This party is not only special for the summer, but also because of Trove’s 5th birthday! Join the fight against the invasion of shadow pinatas across the world and choose your allegiance wisely between one of three Houses: Tysorion, Panatea, or Carys. Defeat dastardly Sunfest Invaders to obtain special house coins and exchange them for wonderful rewards! Qubesly needs your help throwing a beautiful bonfire for the sun goddess, and don’t let the shadowy intruders steal the fun. Be on the lookout for even more surprises as the rare Moontouched Menace reveals itself from the dark. Defeat and complete daily adventures to receive even more rewards!”

We’re planning on streaming for the anniversary this afternoon at 2 p.m. EDT, so join us then!

Source: Delves, Sunfest

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