Torchlight III confirms fall launch window – and Nintendo Switch release

Gosh, torchums.
We’ve been wondering when exactly Torchlight III would launch, especially given its de-MMO-ification and multiple delays throughout development. And technically, we still don’t have a hard date, even now that the game’s last big test patch and early access wipe are behind us. But today, PWE and Echtra Games have re-confirmed a fall launch, on the PC and consoles – including the Nintendo Switch.

“Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are excited to announce that Torchlight III, the light-hearted and fast-paced dungeon crawler for casual and core ARPG fans, will officially launch this fall on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. Those who purchase the Nintendo Switch version, will also be granted an exclusive Red Fairy pet. The full release of Torchlight III will feature all of Torchlight’s signature gameplay mechanics, including satisfying hack and slash combat, epic loot drops and the beloved pet system that captured the hearts of ARPG fans. This grand adventure will also introduce new features, including three epic acts, fully customizable forts, unique Relic subclasses and a challenging new end game experience that will keep players coming back for more well after the campaign has been completed.”

There’s a new trailer to go along with the news, too.

Source: Press release


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mike foster


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Playing again and made a sharpshooter, very into the class mechanics. I’m sorta enjoying it more, got to A2 and I like the updates to the relic system, functionally turning it into the third missing tree from before.

It’s still…flawed, and I can’t tell what’s up but there’s definitely some kind of delay on hit detection/reaction etc. and I still am not in love with every map being a series of tight, semi-connected corridors for the most part, but it’s alright.

Still don’t think it necessarily earns the extra cost compared to TL1/2 given what’s on offer so far, but maybe when I get to endgame things will improve significantly. But damn if some of the older design jank isn’t still there, I guess I do need to start using poison resist gear in A2 just so I don’t get slaughtered, even if I’m missing out on stats from my legendary gear from A1.

And still miffed that the game somehow seems to run WAY worse than TL1/2. Had to drop down settings so my GPU wouldn’t overheat (it’s a temp one till I build a new computer) and lower resolution for smooth performance while the first two games can be run at 2K and max settings without my GPU seeming to care.

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The game is decent, but not good/great so I agree on the price being a bit high. My biggest issue is that TL1 and to a greater extend TL2 became great due to mods, and it doesn’t seem like mods are in the cards for TL3, so unless they plan on doing loads of post launch support (which would be a first for the series) I fear the game will grow stale super quick.
There also doesn’t seem to be any thought given to build synergy, neither between class skills nor class vs relic skills