PlanetSide 2 announces Shattered Warpgate content campaign


Just a day or two ago I was chatting with an MOP commenter about how PlanetSide 2 really took off this year, getting more love than almost any other Daybreak property with the possible exception of DCUO. I love being proven right: Today, Daybreak’s Rogue Planet substudio announced The Shattered Warpgate, a brand-new content wave coming to the game “soon.”

“This massive game update permanently evolves the war-torn battlescapes of PlanetSide 2 through new open-world storytelling experiences called Campaigns, each designed to deliver multi-staged environmental and gameplay changes as players participate in new missions and experience the story unfold. […] In the first campaign, players will return to the frigid tundras of Esamir to explore and battle across the newly devastation-wrought land. Players will be forced to adapt to this harsh new landscape over multiple chapters, as they progress through the story of a catastrophic technological event sparked by the detonation of one of the continent’s Warpgates.”

Daybreak is promising more info on its livestream at 2 p.m. EDT tomorrowday.


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Man, it feels like RPG is the only studio that really stepped up once they started subdividing them.

EQ1/2 largely still exist with the same support they’ve had. Nothing to write home about, just going through the motions with no real change when they spun off.

DCUO is still doing good. Had steady support prior to the spinoff but that’s largely been unchanged as well.

PS2 has had a nice increase in support though, which is awesome! Not sure how much of it is tied to the spinoff vs. the death of PS:A and them being able to dedicate more resources to PS2, but I’m happy either way.

Oh yeah, and Z1 still exists I guess? Haven’t heard anything from them in ages.

I’m looking forward to the new content and I’ve definitely been more active in PS2 compared to years prior. Still hoping we’ll get an actual new game announcement out of one of these studios at some point. But hey, I guess we’re getting an Alien MMO that nobody was really asking for but could still be cool.