Diablo II creator David Brevik promises multiplayer ‘very soon’ for ARPG It Lurks Below


It Lurks Below, the current solo project of Diablo II and Marvel Heroes mastermind David Brevik, has seen a lot of improvement since its early access launch back in 2018. A massive Badlands update last year added playable Orcs and multi-classing, and Halloween has even come to the 2-D action RPG this year. But there’s always been one missing feature that we’ve wanted to see happen — and now it looks like multiplayer, indeed, is heading to the title in the near future.

“Co-op (and remote co-op through Steam) multiplayer is coming very soon,” Brevik announced on Twitter this week. “It has been under development for a month and is 80%+ done.” He also noted that an improved endgame is heading to It Lurks Below as well.

Unlike his past projects, It Lurks Below is mostly solo developed by Brevik, who does the art, coding, and music. He describes it thusly: “It can best be described a Diablo-like game played from the side [with] random items and levels, eight classes, and bosses.”

Source: Twitter

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Went and checked some videos of it out of curiocity. Is it just me that feels its more a mix of Gauntlet with a survival game rather than a Diablo with a survival game?

Dug From The Earth

Nice. This is what ive been holding off on buying it for.

But wait… Remote co-op through steam?

Bah… thats not REAL multiplayer… and you are chained to the same viewable screen.

Its 2020 devs… come on now.


Remote co-op is just an option for folks who want to play with friends that don’t own the game and have a good enough connection to where they can stream it to that friend.