EVE Pulse thanks players for PLEX for GOOD donations and shows off an updated jump clone panel


EVE Online has once more cobbled together a new episode of the Pulse, which rounded up the game’s latest developments. As one would expect, the video touched on the latest game update, which added supercarrier, ESS, and bounty changes as well as opened the new Jita hub, and offered some words of thanks to players for their combined efforts to raise money to fight COVID-19 with PLEX for GOOD.

The only other point of note for the video is related to a new jump clone UI, which explains the purpose of jump clones more clearly as well as offers an at-a-glance look at required skills, maximum clones, and present implants installed in jump clones. There have been other improvements to installation, renaming, and filtering in the panel as well.

By all accounts, this episode of the Pulse is pretty short, but you can take it all in below. Brought to you by the Khanid Works Mark 10 Capsule.

source: YouTube

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