Pearl Abyss plans to reveal Crimson Desert during this year’s Game Awards

Red dead desert.

If you wanted a clear-cut reason to watch The Game Awards on December 10th, Pearl Abyss is happy to oblige: It’s planning on releasing its first gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert during the show.

Crimson Desert, of course, is one of multiple new MMORPGs that the Black Desert studio announced in the fall of 2019, the others being Plan8 and DokeV.

In the meantime, the team’s put out a teaser video with… the game’s animated logo. Don’t get too excited, now; there’s about as much new content here as when Amazon originally released New World and we were stuck using that dark image of a conquistador for like two years. Fortunately, we’ve actually seen significantly more on this game already, including screenshots and story notes, from PA already – enough to know it’s got a single-player campaign in addition to “traditional” multiplayer MMO content that focuses more on PvE play than PvP. Enough to have speculated on it at length!

The Game Awards this year kick off at 6:30 p.m. EST on Decemeber 10th on like a dozen different platforms including your toaster, so don’t worry – you won’t be able to escape them.

Source: Press release

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