Crowfall recaps an eventful 2020 as it pushes forward to launch in 2021

Fighty smashy!

At one point we used to joke about how many times Crowfall had delayed its full alpha and its beta testing… but no more, as the game is now humming happily along in testing. A new letter from J. Todd Coleman relates just how stressful the year was even without that, as moving to all remote work was never the plan even though the team had remote capability beforehand. But not only did the team manage to make it work, they achieved major milestones along the way.

Coleman also looks ahead to 2021, which promises to be just as eventful for the team with a final wipe planned and the game’s actual full-on launch also planned for next year. That’s between final balance passes and system expansion that is also planned for next year, lest you worry that the game wouldn’t be receiving any smaller updates along the way. It’s taken Crowfall some time getting here, but it looks like it’s almost crossing the finish line.

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