PSA: The Steam Winter Sale is now live, complete with steep MMO discounts


You probably already learned this from finding that dozens of games on your wishlist were on sale, but the Steam Winter Sale is live now on the platform. That means that you can buy games for yourself or your friends on the cheap, and naturally, that includes some MMOs of note on the overall list. Black Desert is down to a $3 purchase price, for example, and The Elder Scrolls Online will just set you back a cool $8. (TESO has another sale going right now as well, even.) And both of those games are buy-to-play.

Aside from that, you can find several deals on similarly buy-to-play titles across the storefront, ranging from Torchlight III (down to $20) to Fall Guys (down to $16). If there’s a game you’ve had your eye on, best to search it out and check out any discounts, but those four alone will likely bring you plenty of enjoyment if you’ve somehow missed them up to this point. It’s like Christmas very slightly before Christmas!

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Jon Yon

Project Gorgon also on sale, $27 from $40


Ah the MMOscape. You will find steep discounts on the same half dozen titles that have been on sale for the past 5 years! Nothing new here!

Wollomby Rowsdower

I’m definitely getting some ESO Crowns as this is my MMO of choice. Has anyone else noticed any good MMO deals on Steam?


Uhh, Eliot?

Torchlight 3 is not an MMO.

They trash-canned that game in favor of just another bog standard clicker.


He’s not calling it an MMO; thus it being in the separate “aside from that, other buy-to-play titles” paragraph alongside Fall Guys :)

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Ville Uusitalo

BDO for 3usd is a bit scam since they have Streaming Drops program going on until 6th jan for if you watch stream for 1 hr and have made an account thats linked to Twitch you get BDO for free^_^