Path of Exile shares the balance manifesto and Ascendancy class changes for Echoes of the Atlas


The informational hits just keep on coming for Path of Exile as it continues to talk up the incoming Echoes of the Atlas update. This week, we’re being given an overall look at what balance is going to look like for the multiplayer ARPG and a closer peek at adjustments to Ascendancy classes.

On the subject of balance, Grinding Gear Games outlines plans to nerf aura stacking builds, the Impaler Keystone, Call of Steel builds, and Raised Spectres and Golem minion builds. It’s not all bopping things with a nerf bat, though; over 40 “underrepresented” skills are going to be brought up in order to make them more competitive, along with plans to reduce the internal cooldown of effects that grant Flask charges on critical strike, rework the Elementalist, Inquisitor and Deadeye, and adjust Ascendancy classes.

To that final point of Ascendancy classes, there’s a full outline of these planned changes for every single one in the game, so those who are looking to plan their builds ahead of the Echoes of the Atlas release can now do so. And for more on Path of Exile’s upcoming content, make sure to check out MJ’s recent Wandering Wraeclast writeup.

sources: official forums (1, 2)
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