EverQuest Online Adventures’ rogue server project, EQOA: Return Home, is still chugging along


Back in 2019, we covered a heartwarming story about EQOA: Return Home, a player-run emulator for EverQuest Online Adventures, which readers will recall was one of the many online titles SOE killed off during the purge of 2012. At the time, the players were hunting both for coders and for former players with strong memories of the game’s maps to help recreate it for the rogue server, the completion of which was estimated to be several years away.

Several years later, progress has apparently been made. While the website itself says the project is still in pre-alpha and the forum is nonfunctional, there’s been a string of new videos over the last months – the most recent of which was last week – showing off the state of the game on its current test server. YouTuber JUDAHofJUDEA also just did a playthrough showing off what’s possible in there right now too, a video that made it all the way to Reddit.

MOP’s own Game Archaeologist did a deep-dive into EQOA a few years ago if you need a refresher on the game!

Source: Official site. Cheers, Amo Nox!

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Bruno Brito

The fact that mobs are called “Ice Drake” and not “a Ice Drake” is ruining my fantasy.

Aaron Weddle

The Website doesn’t really get used anymore This is being done in facebook groups and the groups discord.


This is so cool. All games should be museum pieces like this. If people still enjoy playing them, that’s an extra bonus.

Matthew Shaffer

This is where I got started! Frothing at the mouth with this project :)


Me too! This game for about 2 years I think, then took almost a year off from MMOs/video games before starting WoW early 2005.
It was a lot of fun back then and I’d definitely try it again. I remember getting into my first argument with another player. This was way before I learned not to take things too seriously when dealing w/ strangers online generally(or virtual worlds specifically). They are NOT real friends! lol