Albion Online buffs castle and outpost point generation ahead of Season 12 PvP

Fight the other people.

The next season of Guild PvP is starting very soon inĀ Albion Online, with season 12 slated to kick off on Saturday, March 13th. Still, the developers are sneaking in a little patch beforehand now with a number of changes designed to shake up the metagame ahead of the next season, with the changes centered around the Outlands map. Territory points given for controlling regions will still be given out daily and have been increased, but the difference between outer and inner regions has been flattered somewhat, so players will no longer experience quite as much difference based on region.

Castles and outpost will give points every six and three hours, respectively, and the total point rewards have been increased for both kinds of structure. Players can also find more fame by killing elite enemies rather than simply bosses within world boss areas, as well as treasure chests spawning more often and more valuable castle chests. It’s a smaller patch, but it should alter the risk-reward balance ahead of the next season to make for a new challenge.

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