Last Oasis announces a ‘broken’ update featuring improved UI and controller support in preparation for its Xbox release


The devs at Donkey Crew want to make one thing very clear to players of Last Oasis: the game’s next update is going to be, by their own admission, “broken.” That’s because this upcoming update is rebuilding a variety of things from the ground up, so the next build needs some player feedback and multiple hotfixes.

It’s all in service to ensure the survival sandbox’s upcoming release on Xbox consoles is as stable as possible. As for the specific content in this upcoming patch, the post is thin on details but does promise an almost fully redone UI, full controller support, a variety of bug fixes, and improvements or tweaks to the game in general. There will be new content added with the update, but that will be revealed later.

On the subject of Last Oasis’ Xbox release, that’s still on track for sometime in the first quarter of this year and promises to have full cross-platform play between console and PC players. But that’s after PC players have taken the time to kick the tires.

source: Steam
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