Whatever happened to superhero MMO Valiance Online?


As one of the original community-led “Plan Z” superhero MMORPGs that sprung up in the wake of City of Heroes’ original demise, Valiance Online has had the appearance of an intermittent development life. MMO players will recall that the game was at one point intended to launch in 2020, but 2020 didn’t go the way anyone planned, and instead, it ran a brief public open beta last summer, which we found entertaining but very much incomplete.

By fall, the team was apologizing for radio silence and the fact that the server was still down, but we haven’t heard much since apart from comms on Discord. According to posts and players there, development has been slow over the last season, probably exacerbated by the fact that Silverhelm says that “COVID issues really hit [the] team hard.” (The studio has previously told us it’s funded by a mix of crowdfunding through donations and the investment of a board of 14 contracted founders entitled to future game profits.) It also looks as if the game’s test server for backers has been offline for several months now.

“It’s playable (when we have the servers live) as a phase 1 alpha,” Silverhelm’s Skipjack posted a few weeks ago. “We had to remodel and rework a lot of the inner coding and with issues outside of Valiance work (COVID effects, family issues, etc.) hindering our schedules it’s been taking a lot longer than we wished to get it all figured and worked out. Plus patching batches, baking code changes and general works take unity a long time to process in general, so that hasn’t helped either on our back end.”

That said, this past week the team did post patch notes for its most recent internal update, including new biome art, Unity, sky shading, water shaders, world signs, sounds, the traffic system, and “the first iteration of dynamic aerial vehicle spline pathing.”

Is there an obscure or forgotten MMO you’ve been wondering about? Drop us a note and we’ll figure out whatever happened to it!


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Dug From The Earth

Im not sure a game dev studio, that already has most of its team working remote and apart, gets to blame Covid for slowdowns in the dev process (short of the devs actually getting sick, in which case, get well soon.)

Most delays from covid come from studios that arent used to having their team not all working under the same roof, and having to adjust to a separated, remote work environment and process.


Covid is to blame for far more than just people being unable to go into an office, lol. Game development doesn’t just exist in some vacuum outside of the day to day anyone who isn’t a game developer might deal with. This can obviously range from smaller inconveniences to life altering circumstances, many completely out of someone’s immediate control.

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

Three will enter the ring, Valiance Online, City of Titans and Ship of Heroes.

Only one will survive!


That seems optimistic

Bryan Correll

At least Valiance is ahead of Heroes and Villains or Redside.

Does not check email

Ship of heroes, city of Titans and valiance for all their setbacks generated code. With that said that is still not a game.

Red side imploded immediately on announcement. H&V publishes a weekly statement about going no where.


I can’t keep track. Which one was the game being (allegedly) developed by the possibly insane Paragon Studios toady who kept popping up in *every single comment section* in any article about Guild Wars 2 or Wildstar to remind everyone that NCSoft are, in fact, the most evil people who have every existed (including mass-genocidal dictators) and that they survived by devouring kitten souls and the tears of the innocent? (Or at least, she did until I think she got permanently invited to go somewhere else.)


H&V. I’m pretty sure she was banned here. But honestly, I lost any interest in H&V due to how she presented herself here.

Does not check email

You are correct. I have a spreadsheet for all the spiritual successors, COH side projects (like Paragon chat/SEGS), the rogue servers and shortcuts to the 4 different buy/lease/whatever scheme to get the COH license. In the end a lot of people who loved the game have put MANY volunteer hours to many projects with varying outcomes. I can respect that.

IronSalamander8 .

Barring City of Titans, which I Kickstarted, this was the first CoX successor game I heard of. Making an MMO without massive studio backing has to difficult in this day and age even without Covid.

I’m still watching these games here on MOP but not anticipating anything these days.