Bless Unleashed sets final PC beta for May 12, will test UI and cash shop


Bless Unleashed is in the home stretch of its PC testing, as it’s now preparing for its final beta. “The purpose of this test is to perform a final test of all the features in Bless Unleashed before the official launch,” Neowiz and Round8 wrote on Steam today. “We will be performing final checks on various parts of the game such as UI/UX, combat, and content that were improved through feedback received from the previous CBT.”

“Neowiz and Round8 Studio are happy to announce that the final beta test for the upcoming PC MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, is set to kick off on May 12th and run through May 16th. This will be the last test of the many changes Round8 have made in response to player feedback before the game’s launch this summer. All those who participated in the previous two playtests will be able to play once again and try out all the additions to the game. Those who are interested playtesting can opt-in to the beta through the official Steam page.”

It looks as if the cash shop will be up and running for testing purposes during this round; the studios will grant players free Lumena during this phase to do just that.

As we’ve previously noted, Bless Unleashed has launched on mobile and console, delaying PC for significant fixes. It is still slated to fully launch this year, though whether it can mollify PC fans who still remember how Bless Online players were done dirty is another story.

Source: Press release, Steam
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