Mortal Online 2’s latest beta patch lets you put bags on your pets


Why do you have pets? Is it for companionship? Security? Transport? No. It’s to carry things for you. Heaven knows that the reason there are cats in my house is so that I can use them to carry stuff around for easy access. The latest beta patch for Mortal Online 2 allows you to replicate this functionality with the addition of slots for pet bags in the game’s UI, so you can equip your pets with sacks to carry around vital items like whatever a 10-pound cat can manage.

We assume you could theoretically put those bags on horses instead. But what would that offer, other than increased storage capacity and easy transport?

Players will also be able to enjoy a full set of animations for mounting and dismounting a horse as opposed to just teleporting on and off the animals and an additional 10kg of carried weight allowed for all characters, so even non-pets will be carrying a little bit more. Check out the full set of patch notes for all of the changes and additions in this particular patch.


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Can you take those bags off after the horse is stuck between zones?

Nice update I’m all for the MO2 success so hardcore PvP players have their home.