Phantasy Star Online 2 fixes bugs and addresses fresh issues with Microsoft store


It’s patch day for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, though the update is largely focused on fixing bugs than on adding content. SEGA says it fixed multiple issues with boosters, interface currency displays, and that whole thing where people would literally fall through the world when trying to join an urgent quest. Good grief. The company also extended multiple perks thanks to the long maintenance.

“Due to the Scheduled Maintenance, the validity period of Premium Sets, Extended Storage 1~6, Material Storage, and Personal Shop usage, as well as PSO2 Personal Quarters use, Max Orders Received Limit Expansion, and Bonus Keys will be extended by 6 hour(s). For things that expired before the end of Scheduled Maintenance on June 23, 2021 (Wed), the expiration will be extended 6 hour(s) from the time of expiration.”

Predictably, SEGA was back to apologizing for issues overnight, this batch specifically with launching through the Microsoft store. Last week, the company went through a round of apologies for the messy launch and its myriad login problems caused by too many players, the best/worst problem to have.

PSO2 NGS Adds New Quests, bosses, weapons, armor and affixes in tonight’s patch. from MMORPG

Source: Patch notes

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Hikari Kenzaki

About a week ago, the game prompted to launch/make purchases through the Xbox App, not the Microsoft store, which I did.
Launching from the Xbox app worked fine today with no issues.


Why does the thumbnail look like Yakuza?

Eric Gray Jr.

Costume set that is available in PSO2 (which can then be transferred to NGS) Having my male CAST in JPN server sounding and looking like Ichiban (JPN VA) while charging up a sword weapon camouflaged as his hero bat to do a Rising slash STILL feels satisfying as hell.


Yakuza is also under Sega so naturally they’ve put in crossover gacha skins.