Final Fantasy XI prepares a Ramuh-filled update for August

Sorry for blur.

The developers of Final Fantasy XI really hope you like everyone’s best-known avatar of lightning, Ramuh, because he’s going to be featured a lot in the August update. First and foremost, he’s got a starring role in the newest installment of the Voracious Resurgence, which continues the Aht Urhgan portion of the storyline. There will even be some new details about the earliest days of Aht Urhgan, so fans of lore will have an abundance of new details to ruminate on as they progress.

Beyond that, though, Ramuh is also starring as the new opponent in the intense Ambuscade battle for the month, with one of the available rewards being the avatar’s own staff to wield for players. The normal Ambuscade fight, meanwhile, brings back the Citrullus fight, so players will have plenty to do when the next update arrives in the near future regardless of their preferred levels of challenge. But Ramuh is getting star billing no matter what.

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