Trove’s latest PC patch adds ‘Depth Stepper’ gates to elite delves

Gamigo has rolled out a fresh content patch for Trove, at least for PC. The studio’s calling it the Depth Stepper update. What the heck is a Depth Stepper, and why is it so hard to pronounce? Well, we can’t help with that second question, but as for the first, it turns out to be a new type of delve gateway that players can buy or craft to make their way into higher-end-difficulty delves.

“After placing a Depth Stepper, the placing Player may interact with it to bring up a UI that allows them to manually set the starting Depth (usually between 23 and 110, but some adept Delvers may find they can start deeper, and many Depth Steppers have a minimum depth higher than 23). Usually, when Depth Steppers point to a specific BOSS or BIOME you’ll see them within the first three tiers of the delve (i.e.: when the Shadowy Soul Vault appears), though some bosses may appear on floors following Shadowy Soul Vaults. Each three floors thereafter also has an increased chance to spawn the BOSS or BIOME. This increased chance to spawn will persist until a third-tier without the BOSS or BIOME is generated, at which point the Delve will send a message in the chat box, indicating that the BOSS or BIOME no longer has an increased spawn chance.”

There’s no hard date for console launch of this patch, but we’re assuming it’ll be in the next few weeks.

MOP’s own Chris recently spent a month trying out Trove for our Choose My Adventure column, but it wasn’t until his very last entry – on the game’s creative club worlds – that his mind was blown.

Source: Patch notes
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