Mortal Online 2’s beta patch adds bear bags for the ursine on the go


Ever since Mortal Online 2 announced its solemn intentions to carve a bloody swath through the gaming space when it launches next January, there has been an uptick of interest in this PvP MMO. And part of that involves increased scrutiny concerning the game’s beta patches as it heads into this final stretch of development.

As such, here are the patch notes for Update Yes, that that all of the cool kids are talking about on the streets. “This patch has a lot of fixes, but most importantly bears can now wear bags,” the dev team cryptically stated.

In addition to bear bags, the patch added support for AI voices, a longer combat and crafting tutorial, more titles, increased visuals for animations at range, two equipment slots for pets, and a ton of fixes to address performance and bugs.

Also, some players are going to have to walk, not run, into battle: “Players are now forced into a walking animation when moving too slow, even if they are jogging or sprinting. This should remove the exaggerated slow-mo run appearance while being over encumbered (having too much weight in the inventory).”


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