Trove’s Shadow’s Eve Halloween event returns with new cosmetics, styles, and decorations


The spooktastic season has arrived to the voxel world of Trove as the game’s Shadow’s Eve event has kicked off for 2021. Players can head to the Hub and speak with Priests from the the Order of the Moon, where they can take up their banner to fight back against an encroaching darkness that’s sweeping across Medieval Highlands, Desert Frontier, and Cursed Vale zones, turning normal monsters into shadow infused creatures.

Of course, doing so will net players rewards including new costumes like the Q’ursed Q’berus costume for Lunar Lancers, new weapon styles, Bomber Royale styles, and new decorations for player Cornerstones or Club Worlds among other rewards. In addition, the game is hosting a screenshot contest that invites players to pose with their dressed up Lunar Lancer posing in a Shadow’s Eve styled Cornerstone or Cube World for a chance at a Dev Dream or a Terrific Treats pack.

The holiday event runs between now and Tuesday, November 2nd, so there are only a couple of weeks for fans of the MMO to get their spooky on.

source: official site (1, 2)
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