World of Warcraft hints at potentially tying Azeroth back into the story of Shadowlands

Seamless. Very convincing.

So time for a storyline recap for people who are not necessarily up on their World of Warcraft lore. Azeroth is the name of the planet where most of WoW takes place, but it’s also the home to a slumbering world-soul, a Titan slowly being born from within the heart of the planet. This is why the Burning Legion kept trying to destroy the planet, and it also might be related to the Jailer’s ultimate goal in patch 9.2 according to a promotional email sent out by Blizzard.

The email in question notes that the soul of Azeroth depends upon a player victory, which also ties in with an earlier line from the Jailer claiming that the very soul of Azeroth will be destroyed. Is this a hint about the future? Is this just generic villain threat-mongering? Does all of this need a lot more storytelling to make it feel contiguous and like it actually ties together organically? All we can tell you is that there’s the possibility that players are still going to be fighting to save Azeroth. You know, again.

Source: Wowhead
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