Final Fantasy XIV patches in the first portion of Pandæmonium today

And removes our beloved low-polygon grapes

Chunky boys.

Not everyone has made it through the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launch intact. No, we’re not talking about queue issues or the sales suspension or anything like that; we’re talking about the low-poly grape model in Labyrinthos, our stunningly low-res boys that the entire community latched on to as hilarious (because they were). The latest patch replaces the grapes with proper models, leading us to all poor out a chunky, badly animated stream for our dearly departed triangular pyramids masquerading as grapes.

Of course, there are other things in this particular patch. Like, we guess you could take on the first four battles of Pandæmonium, the new normal raid added to the game with today’s patch that represents a new challenge for players to take on. And sure, that means earning tokens you can exchange for gear including weekly weapon tokens to exchange for, well, new weapons once you get enough of them (and once the time-limited new tomestones are implemented in two weeks). But we must needs first and foremost mourn the loss of those grapes. Farewell, low-poly grapes.

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