Final Fantasy XIV outlines plans for sales resumption, server expansion, and server adjustments


If your server in Final Fantasy XIV is still crowded right now, you can be assured that Naoki Yoshida knows that, and the team behind the game is working on solutions as fast as possible. It is, unfortunately, still going to take a little while. The newest post on the official site goes into detail about the steps being taken to alleviate congestion over the longer term, starting with the new Oceania data center being added on January 25th to help players spread out a bit more. This will happen slightly before sales of the game resume on January 26th, with world transfers opening back up on the same day.

Beyond that, players in other regions can look forward to changes, like Japanese servers being rearranged to support more logins and North America and Europe both getting additional servers. Those additional servers will have to wait a bit, though; North American servers are currently scheduled to be added in August while European servers are being added in July. Of course, the post also apologizes for the delays due to global semiconductor shortages, but you knew that, didn’t you?

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